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Take advantage of this opportunity to get ahead financially and to help your local community and the economy with the AZ Gold Savings Card.  This program was developed with the purpose of helping the community and the economy.  By participating, you are helping strengthen your community and your financial situation.  Select either Option 1 Option 2, or Option 3 below, and once the entire step is completed, you will receive your cash bonus and your FREE AZ Gold Savings Cards upon filling out the order form below.  You may elect to take advantage of all 3 FREE card offers below for a total of $40 to $65 FREE cash!!
Step One:  Order Your Prepaid Debit Card, Activate, and Fund for up to $20 FREE cash.  Sign up for all 3 below (first time users only) and claim up to $65 in FREE Cash.
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 NOTE: This opportunity is for NEW netSpend, accountNow, or PayPower card users only.  If you already have one, or you've had one in the past, you are not qualified.  You will have to purchase your cards through the website and refer others to the program to earn additional income streams.

Option 1 - netSpend
The netSpend Prepaid MasterCard program is offering a $20 bonus when you fund your new card with $40.  To receive your bonus, you must order the card from the link below.  When you receive your card in the mail, return here and activate the card, and then fund it with $40 to receive your $20 bonus.  The $20 is usually credited the same day, but could take up to 48 hours per the netSpend website.
Option 2 - AccountNow
The accountNow Prepaid Visa Card program is offering a $10 bonus with your first cash deposit.  If you are employed and have direct deposit, you can earn another $15 bonus if your direct deposit is at least $500 monthly.  You will receive the additional $15 after such time has lapsed.  Once you receive your card, activate it and fund it with $10 or more, and within several days you will receive a $10 credit.  
Make sure upon ordering the card that 'AZGOLD' appears in the 'Referral Code' space, OR YOU WILL NOT receive your bonus.
Option 3 - PayPower
The PayPower Prepaid Visa Card program is offering a $10 bonus when you load at least $50 to the card, or you will receive a $20 bonus when you sign up for direct deposit and your first two deposit amounts are at least $100 each.  FREE Cash deposit usually appears within a few days of completing required initial deposits.
Step Two:  Request your FREE AZ Gold Savings Card Basic Membership
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Request Your FREE AZ Gold Savings Card Basic Membership

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Everyone that takes advantage of either this FREE AZ Gold Savings Card opportunity or pays a one-time fee for theirs is being paid into 2 fantastic online income opportunities, and they will prove to be some of the best online income earners you've ever participated in.  Just follow a simple steps, check your email regularly, pay for your upgrades through your back office when you can, and you'll enjoy at least a nice 6-figure income, and it didn't cost you a single penny.  To participate, either click on either or both banners above to sign up, and then fill out a "Contact Us" form indicating your request for your Paid Level 1 placement into each program.  Or, you may click here and join through the person that referred you by clicking on their name in the appropriate list.
Special Bonus #3: Spread the Word for a Chance to Win 1 of Several Prizes ($30,000 value)
This is a very simple opportunity to win some additional cash or other prizes.  Simply save a copy of the flyer to the right, take it to the print show and get as many copies as you can (2-sided, black and white), write your name in the "Referred by" blank provided and start passing them out.  We want to get 5000 FREE cards into the marketplace by the end of the year.  Be one of the top promoters and you can win one of the prizes listed below.

Prizes to be awarded:
  • 1 winner of $5000 Cash
  • 5 winners of a $2000 Carnival Gift Card
  • 10 winners of 1,000 Cash
  • 50 winners of a Dell Venue 8 Tablet
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